VIP FASTPASS Disneyland Paris

All rides without a queue for 1 day
Waiting in queue for rides it’s not your priority. Only successful people value their time and nerves. You physically can not go and 5 amusements per day, even in one park! And this will make your stay in such a fabulous place gloomy and sadness. With us you will forget about the problem of queues. Save your time in Disneyland and with wonderful memories, you can enjoy other sights of Paris.

Personal Guide is a high-class

Sociable, creative approach
From 10-00 am to 18-00 pm an experienced guide, with knowledge of the English and Russian languages, will create for you a fabulous atmosphere where magic spring to life and remains an unforgettable moment of joy and comfort. Properly designed route, as well as an attentive attitude for your wishes, will allow you to fully enjoy the moment of staying in the fairy tale world.

Children's ticket*

Give your child a fairy tale

€100 80
  • 2 Theme Parks
  • Children under 12 years old
  • Mandatory gift
20% discount

100% best price guarantee

From 01.12.2018 more acceptable and cheaper
A step ahead of our competitors, we are not afraid to set reasonable prices. With our clients we create partnership through understanding. The service cost “Disneyland without queues” is from 70 Euros per person. Won’t it be fun been in the fairy-tale world of Disneyland and at the same time save up to 100 euros for each person? We offer you this.

A photo of the happy moment

A photo of 18 Euros, a baby stroller from 25 Euros?
With love for Disney’s colorful world and the pricelessness of every moment, a free Photo with Disneyland Heroes is attached. You also do not have to spend 18 euros for every photo taken at the best moments inside the attractions themselves. And if you have small children we will provide you with a baby stroller, which will allows you to save 25 Euros, without making a 150 Euros deposit.

Adult ticket*

All adults were children first

€107 86
  • 2 Theme Parks
  • From 12 years
  • Mandatory gift
20% скидка

Discounts, Promotions and Bonuses

Only according to your rules
What if with our service among the others services will be absolutely free. Did you always like golf? You are welcome. By prior registration, we offer you free access to the game on the golf course. If you are tired and want to refresh yourself – there is always a free pool for you. Our goal is to make your holiday unforgettably fabulous. By purchasing our service you will also receive a 20% discount on all restaurants, shopping, boutiques.

VIP Transfer to Disneyland​

VIP Transfer to Disneyland
Quickly, comfortably, and the most importantly qualitatively, we will organize back to back a transfer from Paris and Disneyland. If you have booked a hotel in the Disneyland territory, transfer from the airport to Disneyland, it will be an easy task for us to do it.You will making use of cars like cars Mercedes C class, as well as V Vito. You will be pleasantly surprised by our disposal and will be able to continue your trip carelessly to the fairy tale of Disneyland. There are also special places for children.

Service "Vip Disney Tour"

Your right choice

€780 650 for a group of 4 people
  • 2 Theme Parks
  • Service "Disneyland without queues"
  • Experienced guide, entertainment program
  • Photo with Heroes Disney and at attractions - FREE OF CHARGE
  • 20% discount on ALL restaurants and shopping
  • Mandatory gift
20% скидка
Диснейленд Париж без очередей - VIP сопровождение Диснейленд Париж без очередей
Very convenient, all passed in one day. Thanks to your guide, excellent organization of the rest, spent us all on rides without queues. I advise everyone vip assistance, do not regret the money spent.
Диснейленд Париж без очередей - VIP сопровождение Диснейленд Париж без очередей
Your VIP support services have exceeded all our expectations and allowed us to save a considerable amount of money and time. Now we can visit other places in Paris thanks to your service! Mercy !!!
Диснейленд Париж без очередей - VIP сопровождение Диснейленд Париж без очередей
Were at Disneyland Paris today. I really liked your service rides without queues. We hope in the future for a discount. We were glad to assist you in visiting the fairy tale, my daughter is very happy)))
Диснейленд Париж без очередей - VIP сопровождение Диснейленд Париж без очередей
Great team, thank you guys. I hope the photos are great. Even when the guide came up to us, she gave a silver pendat to my daughter Anyuta, rides without queues, even discounts were 20% in the restaurant.